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☆ 14k Gold Filled ☆

☆ Hypoallergenic | Doesn’t Tarnish or Rub Off | Perfect for sensitive skin | Lightweight 

☆ Lead-free, Nickel Free

☆ Please follow Jewelry Care Card for instructions

Product Questions

Yes it is! Our jewelry is Hypoallergenic. Whether it is Stainless Steel, Gold Plated or Gold Filled, our Jewelry will not turn your skin Green or cause any irritation.

Our jewelry is designed to help you feel confident & beautiful with our wide range of pieces. Our pieces are designed & made in our private office here in Los Angeles, Ca. We are known to have jewelry that is safe for sensitive skin & can be worn by everyone. For example, our rings are adjustable, meaning, you can adjust them yourself & don't need to worry whether or not our rings fit. Overall, we take pride for our affordable, high quality jewelry.

Shipping Questions

Shipping will be sent no later than 3 days after ordering. The amount of time before the package is received is between 2-10 days. If the package is missing, it is the responsibility of the customer to contact USPS support. Please use the link

Los Angeles, Ca